I don't even know if underappreciated is a word. but it is today. I`ve had a few conversations recently that have led me to get upset with certain artists being underappreciated. I can`t even figure out why they don`t get as much credit as they deserve. I`m not going to shit on the whole music industry because that would be ridiculous. But here are a few artists that I think are not given as much credit as they should.

Trey Songz:

He's only been nominated for 3 awards!!!! so upsetting. His next album "Ready" comes out Sept 1st and I can`t wait.

Go download his latest mixtape: "Anticipation"

Musiq Soulchild:

The guy whorunshiswordstogetherlikethis, I love him. Beautiful voice and his soul pours out when he sings. How can you not like him. His last album "Onmyradio" didn't get all of the hype it deserves. Go buy it or iTunes it. I guarantee you`ll love it. Along with his single Sobeautiful check out Deserveumore. he deserves more than a BETaward.

Eric Roberson is another artist. go on youtube. check out Softest Lips, that is my favorite song by him.
but I want you guys to check him out.

Lemme know what ya think

bridge <3