No I didn`t cut my hair to feel liberated!

I do not believe that the "creamy crack" is a symbol of the white man holding me down and telling me what beauty is. i disagree. I am old enough to make my own decisions and last night I made the decision to chop it all off. I have nothing against the women that feel that relaxers oppress them, that is your choice. I personally made the decision to do not only what is best for my hair but also what is best for me. You see I want to know the natural me, the real me and I haven`t even known my real texture in a long time due to relaxers. Now is the time for my next affair and I plan on this being a long lasting prosperous one. So for those who have asked how long this is going to last, don`t hold your breath.

But this was not a spur of the moment chop. I transitioned by having the mohawk first I knew that I was on the way to au naturale. Last night I chopped the rest off. I will put up pics later.

Funny thing is I am not my hair just came on Pandora... ;]

la pace, l'amore, la felicdad
<3 BRiDGE.


I've been well. Getting work done, meeting people, experiencing college. That whole deal. Good to hear from ya, sorry I was creepin'. Haha

No biggie ;] Been doing the same

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Why are bitches hating on formspring... can't say it to your face then don't say it on formspring... bougie bitches everywhere the trio goes!

well you see jealousy is a disease. they need to be cured. but first they need to realize that they have a problem. smh until then they will hide anonymously and hate as we continue to be great ;]

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Black Thought is a conveyor of the gospel truth. Straight thug, 100 percent intelligent, "born in south Philly on a cement floor." Don't even get me started on ?uestlove.

i agree! Hey TD! how you been?

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Ever heard of the band The Roots?

of course I have. my fb status is actually from Black Thought

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why are you lame?

really? didn`t know that i was. good to know.

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Today I was wearing my Elitaste x NUE Agency shirt from CMJ Showcase in October.

if you don`t know about it look it up. I went for my birthday this past year. I loved it.
But this post is not about the show it's specifically about Jesse Boykins III.

Now I first heard this fine piece of male Godiva on a Theophilus London track pre-show. Due to the fact that it was just the chorus I never really knew his full potential. After seeing him live, I decided to come and of course load my computer and Zune with all of the aritsts from the show. I have since fell in love I already have an affair with music but this brotha put some new moves and spins that had me tunneling back down the path of amor... or Amorous as one of his tracks is titled.

This song is something else. But, my ultimate favorite that heightened my appreciation for artists who write their own works. poet>words>lyrics> get it! well that song is called Pantyhose... now you know for a fact that any man singing about pantyhose has wrote his own song. And if the title doesn`t make you a believer check out the video below... I totally envy the young lady who got called on stage. He better do this next time I see him, cause I will be front row center, well maybe side so I can walk up easier :) You read that Jesse remember me, lol. He`s definitely not reading this but worth a dream. Check out the video. and definitely give props where they belong to the band The Beauty Created. Amazing especially that trumpet player almost makes me wanna leave my sexiest instrument ever, the saxophone... almost

la pace, l`amore, la felicidad 

<3 Bridge.


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And I want to write away my sorrows
Until the paper bleeds my pain
Until I can seek clarity for tomorrow
through these Rorschach test  stains


Freshman 10 XXL


here is the link to the Freshman 10 of 2010. kinda baller ;]

I have been lucky enough to see 4 of the 10 perform live in very close settings. i feel lucky this has made my day.

on top of my wounderous friends like Marie Pierre.

checkout her blog:


i feel it all in my body my body my body

Okay so the title is just a song that popped in my head. if you look up the song it is completely irrelevant to what this post will be about.


 The way we perceive our bodies or what we think our bodies should look like 

I came to the starking revelation that this is something that should be discussed after something I witnessed today.

One percent of teenage girls in the United States will develop anorexia nervosa and up to 10% of these females may die as a result

In the United States, as many as 10 million females and 1 million males are fighting a life and death
battle with an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.

• Over onehalf of teenage girls and nearly onethird of teenage boys use unhealthy weight control behaviors such as skipping meals, fasting, smoking cigarettes, vomiting, and taking laxatives
(NeumarkSztainer, 2005).
• Girls who diet frequently are 12 times as likely to binge as girls who don’t diet (NeumarkSztainer,
• 42% of 1st3rd grade girls want to be thinner
• 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat
• The average American woman is 5’4” tall and weighs 140 pounds. The average American model is 5’11” tall and weighs 117 pounds.
• Most fashion models are thinner than 98% of American women.

 I personally have never had an issue with my size. I know that I am small and it`s something I have learned to cope with. I can`t really gain weight when I try. Actually, my body image issue came with my breasts, they`re huge especially on me. But I realized God didn`t make us all equal and they help to make me me, somehow. But most females I know are on the opposite side of the spectrum: they don`t cope with their body and can`t lose weight if they try. They have a negative body image.

With a negative body image, a woman has a distorted perception of her shape and size, compares her body to others, and feels shame and anxiety about her body. Being unhappy with your body can affect how you think and feel about yourself as a person. A poor body image can lead to emotional distress, low self-esteem, unhealthy dieting habits, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. 

One thing I learned in high school is that you don`t play when it comes to eating disorders. They can consume your life and become an addiction. Actually the last episode of Intervention that I watched was about a girl who was anorexic and had a cutting problem. it was so bad they were keeping her daughter away from her. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by extremely low body weight, distorted body image and an obsessive fear of gaining weight. The term is derived from Greek meaning: a lack of desire to eat. 

Women in the U.S. are under pressure to measure up to a certain social and cultural ideal of beauty, which can lead to poor body image. Women are constantly bombarded with "Barbie Doll-like" images. By presenting an ideal that is so difficult to achieve and maintain, the cosmetic and diet product industries are assured of growth and profits. It's no accident that youth is increasingly promoted, along with thinness, as an essential criterion of beauty. The message we're hearing is "all women need to lose weight" 

ALL eating disorders are detrimental to an individual`s physical and emotional health. There are many medical risks associated with anorexia. They include: shrunken bones, mineral loss, low body temperature, irregular heartbeat, permanent failure of normal growth, development ofosteoporosis and bulimia nervosa.

I want to save all of these females. Put them in a room tell them they are beautiful. Play them Video by India.Arie and pray for all of them. Hope that they seek help and courage to rid themselves of this negative body image. 

To the person who inspired me to write this... I hope she realizes she is BEAUTIFUL and there are people who want to look like her and compliment her on a daily. I refuse to let this be your demise, you have a bright future ahead of you

la pace, l`amore, la felicita
<3 BRiDGE.



Good Morn!

I am up for my first day of work at the gym on campus. 6am shift. class til 12.30. then i`ll knock this sleep schedule back in order and prepare for the rest of my week.

la pace, l`amore, la felicita



So I will be leaving to ATL in t-minus 2 days. Even though I`m from Texas any southern break from Boston is going to be great. Also, I get to show my girls what the South is like.

My Fellow Angels and I.


Cause I've seen love die
Way too many times
When it deserved to be alive
I've seen you cry
Way too many times
When you deserve to be alive


I less than three her

[1:05:50 AM] Bridget Thrash: im back
[1:06:01 AM] Bridget Thrash: 1. i walked into the lounge and ppl were abt to have sex
[1:06:10 AM] Marie Pierre: lmaooo
[1:06:13 AM] Bridget Thrash: 2. there are like 20 ladybugs surrounding the vending machine
[1:06:20 AM] Marie Pierre: horny asses
[1:06:24 AM] Marie Pierre: eewwwwwww
[1:06:37 AM] Bridget Thrash: eww to the ladybugs?
[1:07:51 AM] Marie Pierre: yea
[1:09:16 AM] Bridget Thrash: rudeee
[1:09:20 AM] Bridget Thrash: they`re beautiful
[1:09:32 AM] Bridget Thrash: i was gonna keep one as a pet but it`d die quickly
[1:09:32 AM] Marie Pierre: (puke)
[1:09:42 AM] Marie Pierre: no u shuda tried
[1:09:51 AM] Marie Pierre: mayb it wud mutate lol
[1:09:52 AM] Bridget Thrash: you know i was just thinking the same thing while i watched the lady gaga video
[1:09:59 AM] Bridget Thrash: ooooh
[1:10:00 AM] Marie Pierre: :O
[1:10:04 AM] Bridget Thrash: mutate ;]
[1:10:07 AM] Marie Pierre: (punch)



Ever met someone that made you think about how you want to better yourself.
You look at their life and know they’re not perfect but you applaud the path that they are traveling regardless. Because their strength, intelligence, and passion combine to surpass their peers.
Mind so interesting that you wanna pick it apart delicately admiring the crevices and sections as a kid does to a daisy in their ‘he loves me-he loves me not’ games.
You want to know what they are thinking. What makes them tick?
A wise person once told me, “Men cry in the dark.” That was one of the greatest sentences I was ever told. Not because I was on some feminist-heckyes-menDOcry stuff, but because there is a reason why men cry in the dark. Why does that person cry in the dark? Better yet, what does he think of when he closes his eyes? Ok I let it slip it’s a guy. Not like that was a surprise. But all of this I want to know. I want to know so much about him that I almost forget myself. Of course I won’t because my last situation taught me better than that. I want to make so much time for this person that I`ll sacrifice my sleep, since sleep is the cousin of death. So, I`ll day dream all of my thoughts to prevent the nightmare of dying without this person around. No don’t mistake this for some I`m secretly in love letter because it’s nowhere near that. But I`ve realized that I enjoy this person around. I want them around even when our opinions don’t add up for that is when I learn the most. Interactions so genuine it’s almost eerie attraction is undeniable. Well you see I`ve met this person. So now what to do?

didn`t write this for myself. but i felt like someone may have needed to hear it.

la pace, l`amore, la felicita

you can laugh until you cry... or you can cry away the hurt

so i`ve made it through this time with


my awesome friends-- Marie, Mandy and Natasha

my mom-- who has reassured me of not wanting to compete with anyone else. because being in college "a guy doesn't have time to worry about jackie, ella, brittany, and becky, school, and furthering their future" words well spoken. she also let me know that i should be treated in high regard. let me know that the situation is neither of our faults. to all avails mom saves the day 1600 miles away ;]

also my <3

I have been having a private party.

la pace, l'amore, e la felicita


my M.O.P.S/ cliche

Today one of my friends status on FB was:

"If someone told you they'd only break your heart would you still take the chance?"

-- what would you do?

My response was I probably would...

someone gave the answer it`s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. i Hate cliches!!!


You want to give me advice
gimme something real life.
Don’t tell me to follow my heart
This is no Disney movie.
Gimme a dose of reality
It’s not always meant to be
He may NOT be the “one” for me
Free me from the chains of
This cliché monogamy of a soul mate
The infatuation that we have with fairy tale love
“Just know that no man is worth your tears,
And the one who is will never make you cry.”
Who said that?
Who are you to tell me how I feel for him?
Who are you to judge?
What if I believe he is worth my tears…
Then where do I fit in our society?

The one that is obsessed with movie’s reality
The one void of sensuality
I don’t want this to judge my morality
I believe these ideas are full of abnormality
They include all congeniality, commonality and formality
Yet, they exclude legality, vitality, mentalities and all practicality.
The script for Beauty and the Beast and the Notebook
Doesn’t work for everyone.

“better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved at all”
Love is the most confusing, good and bad emotion to experience
It turns out different for everyone
But yet we are still grouping one another
Setting relationship sterotypes
Filling people’s head with lies
I am putting in my resignation
No more clichés
I decline the false advertisement


brushed my teeth

why don`t feelings think logically?
why don`t they realize the law of supply and demand?
why don`t they understand we can`t always have what we want?
why don`t my eyes remember what others say...
that i`m to pretty to cry?

i`ve brushed my teeth six times since thr3e hoping to get the taste of you
out of my mouth
out of my body
out of my mind
out of my soul
it hasn`t worked maybe i`ll try again.
isn`t se7en some type of divine number?



So i`m in a big India.arie mood. I was listening to her first single "Video" and thought i`d put this poem up.

No matter what you say I am a goddess
If you ask me why
I will tell you
It’s because I am black
I need no other reason
Society tells me day in and day out that I am not good enough to fit this mold that they so willingly want me to bear on my skin
but you see my skin contains this thing called melanin
It causes my skin to be brown
Similar to your tanning beds, fake bakes, spray-ons and your bronzers
Except mine is natural
Except I’m not accepted
Psht you want to be me.
you can continuously tell me how I don’t fit in your world
But actions speak louder than words
And right now your botox is talking louder than your fully fake injected lips,
your silicon breasts are screaming to break out of the skin
that you have oh so filled them in.
those luscious thighs and asses that my ancestors were graced by God with our mocked on your body to give you the look of what?
A black woman.
Don’t get me wrong
I think ALL races of women are beautiful
But I think that Black women are the most beautiful and exquisite women in the world.
We come in all different shades and flavors.
From dark chocolate to sweet almond, to caramel, toffee, butterscotch and even vanilla bean.
You see we all carry this dream
It is our inner beauty that remains supreme
Because we are raised to be strong
Centuries of birthing kings and queens
To being raped and having your kids kidnapped
Sold to be mentally and physically shackled in a place you can’t help them.
Breastfeeding others children only to be disrespected
Do you know how much restraint a black woman has had to have?
These goddesses have endured more than you will ever know
Elegance, determination, power and love all represent who I am
And those who came before me
Don’t get me wrong there are exceptions to the rule
Some women were not raised up to know how much inner beauty counts.
Black women wake up and realize that you are a queen
A Goddess of all goddesses and nothing less.

I am Merina, leader of the Amazons.
I am peaceful and triumphant.
I am Oshun, the sweeter things in life.
I am honey and oranges, cool spring water and trilling birdsong.
I am Isis, devout to my man.
I will stand by him through thick and thin, to support my king.
I am Sekhmet, nurturing and fierce.
I am ruthless as a lion but gentle as a butterfly, something like a dragonfly.
I am Hathor, the mother Goddess.
I can cultivate in my womb a marvel of the universe, a child.
I will live up to my name
I am a Goddess
No matter what you say.

©2009 Bridget Thrash

la pace, l'amore, e la felicita

<3 bridge.

hopefully you will get the CD by the end of this week.

that`s pretty awesome ;] just brightened up my midterm week

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by the end of this week hopefully you will receive it.

;] oh wow. thats sooon. thanks anonymous!

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lol... you will. we have to get back on a lot of things... i also am supposed to be getting you a certain CD. ;-)

ohhh really? so when will i get this CD?

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lol... you will. we have to get back on a lot of things... i also am supposed to be getting you a certain CD. ;-)

ohhh really? so when will i get this CD?

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sorry i wrote twice in ur formspring. im not tryin to say you talk alot. u have such a great knowledge to talk about ne thing.. that we forgot to touch on poetry

it`s cool. when would you like to get back around to poetry? wish i knew who you wereee *wink wink*

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I think it's funny how we first spoke with each other on a common interest, but ur ability 2 conversate is sooo strong, we strayed from it and digressed... so I realized 2day... that we have never gotten bak and spoken about that common interest... Poetry

really? are you trying to say i talk alot? sorry let`s tlk poetry

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I probably love you too! If I knew who this was lol.

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If only people could control their facial expressions
if only people knew that when bad thoughts radiate in their head
other people can feel them like beats of 808s on 16s in the back of a young lads expedition.
if only you can keep the inventions of your mind there.
exactly there in that little bubble of yours
cause these seismic chills i`m getting up my spine
only when you`re around does my seismograph show tremors of this magnitude
i feel you.
i feel your energy.
try to contain yourself better
or decide to say something
screw what`s socially expected or accepted
be honest with yourself and others.