comfort [incomplete]

Wants to return to that comfort

Tired of sleepless nights

Misses the love of all sorts

Can’t deal with these insomnia fights

The liveliness of kids

Screaming yelling loudly

In my ear

Man I miss that comfort

Cake in my hair

Water balloons thrown at me while im sleeping

Keeping you from killing one another

Kissing you goodbye in the morning

Man I miss that comfort

Football and Basketball games

Acting as if I enjoy cheerleading

Yelling at the television

Re-runs of Charmed at 3 and 4

Man I miss that comfort

Fighting over the remote

Laughing at Maxx

Rushing home to make sure you got off the bus

Taking you to high school sports

Man I miss that comfort

Long rides to familiar faces

Arguing about the visit to dad’s

Eating at the best Mexican restaurant Gringo’s

Learning how to Heely and RipStik

Man I miss that comfort

Baking cookies and eating ice cream

Friday Movie Night

Hanging out waiting on mom to come home

Cooking the same dish over and over

Man I miss that comfort

The big city of Victoria

Family reunions drama and love

Recognizing the young and the old

Wisdom being told in front of my eyes

Man I miss that comfort

History being told and made

As alcohol passes around

Friendships that withstand hurricanes

Hanging out at my house

Man I miss that comfort


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