my lyfe currently

up jamming “must be nice
con mi boo ;] 
“Must be nice
Having someone you can come home to from a long day of work
Must be nice
Having someone you don’t have to show they know exactly where it hurts
Must be nice
Having someone who trusts you despite what they’ve heard
Someone as mighty as a lion but still as gentle as a bluebird
Must be nice
Having someone you don’t have to tell you don’t want to be alone”



This has been a weekend of throwup purging 

cleaned out my closet

found random clothes

shopped for the little sister

even Alfred shedded his shell(scales?)

then my body decides to purge

being sick sucks but I guess my body wanted in on the purging fun too.
Trying to figure out how I got sick
I haven`t had an appetite
Eaten mostly fruits for the last few days
Maybe this is a good thing
Hope to be in shape for some running later.


 Watch what you say. Forget the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." That statement is false. Words have unlimited power. People who fight get it over with but words can stick with you for life. Eliminate words like "I can't" and "impossible" out of your vocabulary. Using phrases like those will stop you from searching for solutions to your problems. Instead, replace those feelings of doubt with questions such as "how can I" and "what do I need to do to make this possible".
Pay someone a sincere compliment at least once a day, chances are your compliment will make their day a bit brighter, and they will pass that sunshine along to others. 


Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people,
but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.
  — Leviticus 19:18
Hanging on to bitterness and keeping alive grudges is consuming
work. It leaves little energy for blessing others, praising God, or
enjoying life. The only way to get over a bitter heart toward
others is to actively love and serve them in ways that bless their
lives. If we can’t do this because it’s hard to feel like it is the
right thing to do, we do it because we know God and want to please
My prayer
Dear Father of light, love and mercy, please remove from my heart any
cynicism or delight in seeing others around me fall. Instead, help
me to be a rescuer rather than a neglector. I want your grace to be
seen in my friendships and in all that I do. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


to my luck jason

to my lucky jason
You are the shopping cart in my night sky
got me feeling like I`m on a sugar induced high
sweeter than strawberries with splenda
splendidly blended
something like my addiction to Arizona but amended
if I am sourpatch kids, first sour then i`m sweet
well baby you must be my snickers satisfying my every need
my lucky Jason strum your strings thirteen times
and open your heart and mind enough to receive my rhymes
marching to two different drums like a complicated melody
that even the most beautiful songstress cannot sing on key
piecing together like thousand piece puzzles
slowsly but surely fitting together, nuzzle
if only my dreams were premonitions
no premature decisions just pure intuition


white flag.

i surrender to avoid negativity


i was never a barbie girl


my smileyface for the day

God created men first, because you always make a rough draft before a masterpiece!

commonsense w/ a side of family

i should`ve been here...
shoutout to whoever got to see some of my fave men 



was listening to joy and pain in the car w/ madre.
reminded me of american gangster
(ask no questions)
Do you think frank lucas could`ve done all that without the government noticing?
I don`t... maybe government support....

sounds like



no pink bunnies

my charger is broke.
my phone my die.
i`m thinking of letting it
one of those days.


quote of the day

"We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us." -Francois Rabelais
Do more than exist – live, Do more than touch – feel, Do more than look – observe, Do more than read – absorb, Do more than hear – listen, Do more than listen – understand
i need a job.
life is sad.

too bad love won`t pay the bills.



anyone wanna buy me a camera???


"they say that nobodies perfect but you look perfected, i really love to be the one you took a step with, so trust me when I tell you it’d be worth the effort"


"you and these damn goats"

i`m compiling a list of reoccurring things/people in my life...

i have a thing for goats.
not the real ones
and i pray i don`t get anymore myotonic ones.
i have a thing for culture
meaning different races/nationalities
&& my southern gentlemen of course
we are our own culture

i think that`s it for now.. that i can think of. 

He said...

 "yea. i`m not completely oblivious. i1m just very conscious of what i can commit and what a woman of ur caliber deserves. like to keep the friends i have"

my heart just smiled. 
i have some of the greatest ppl in my life. 



deepest fear

I`ve asked people what their deepest fear is. I have 2

* not knowing and achieving my purpose in this world
* not tapping into at least 75% of my potential

I have been happier than ever recently but have felt stagnant and it`s taking a mental toll on me.

But today Ms. @mariep719 sent me a few quotes.

[3:46:38 PM] @mariep719: "That’s why nothing matters more than
knowing God’s purpose for your life, and
nothing can compensate for not knowing it—
not success, wealth, fame, or pleasure. Without
a purpose, life is motion without meaning,
activity without direction, and events without
reason. Without a purpose, life is trivial, petty,
and pointless."

[3:47:15 PM] @mariep719: A young man in his twenties wrote, “I feel
like a failure because I’m struggling to become
something, and I don’t even know what it is.
All I know how to do is to get by. Someday, if
I discover my purpose, I’ll feel I’m beginning
to live.”

[3:48:31 PM] moi: omgeeee
 thats how i feel. remember my issue w/ stagnation even though i`m happier than i`ve been in a while

[3:48:40 PM] @mariep719: exactly why i showed u that quote

^^ this is why she is my accountability partner.
she has a beautiful soul. i hope that you all can find an honest, real, loving, beautiful, and intelligent friend like i`ve found in my ebonyfreebird ;] check out her blog!

la pace, l`amore, la felicidad

purple heartache...lose weight

I just learned that in the past poisonous foods were purple...

purple is a appetite suppressant

so paint your kitchens purple

my whole house will be purple

in true Prince fashion ;]

i will blame all of my size on purple.

Thanks @mariep719 and Tyra Banks


i`m loving my life right now
(not like i was suicidal or anything)
I had a great and productive day today ;]
i`m happier than i have been in a while

Thanks to all my contributers ;] 

random thought

who the flocka is pete?

why is everything in his sake? 

anyone have an answer?

 Baby you the realest, I swear to God ;; the way you Keep A Smile on ya Face when times soo Hardd
sometimes i feel like i`m drowning in the seas of no one cares...

i want to paint pictures with my words...
i`ll always love music
that may be the only thing i love
outside of family and God
of course

thks for the reminder AD