codeine i need you

got reminded today that i am a beautiful woman...
thx for the timing mother nature.

i need to find these meds.
tylenol 3.
please reveal yourself to me!


it`s 2 days til my 2 month anniversary of my current hair-affair ;]

who wishes they invested in good googlieee mooglie? moi!

Google TV Combines TV, Android and All of the Internet

Google TV Combines TV, Android and All of the InternetGoogle is launching something called Google TV. It brings regular TV and web video to your TV. Plus, Android apps. Apps! Live Updating
Google TV Combines TV, Android and All of the InternetGoogle says there are two worlds now, the web, which lives on your laptop and your phone, and the TV world, which lives on your TV. 
But why aren't the solutions today making traction? Here are 3 reasons, according to Google.
1. They dumb down the web for TV. You're re-creating the web. "It's WAP all over again." "We need to find a way to bring the entire web to the television."
2. "They're all closed." Once you can go anywhere on the web, you don't want to go back.
3. The solutions today make you choose between web or TV. If you have to switch between the two, it's over. You've lost users.
Google wants to incorporate both into "a single seamless experience."
Google TV Combines TV, Android and All of the Internet
And here's a demo explaining HOW this stuff all works.
Google TV Combines TV, Android and All of the Internet"Google TV starts with TV." This is your TV. "You only can add and enhance it."


phone notes. smileyface

 after having a healing conversation con mi madre. 
i called him.
found random notes on my phone
oh the beauty of my random thoughts.

"time doesn`t heal wounds the mind just covers them with scar tissue" 
--oh the reality in this statement is so amazing. i may come back to that for a post later

Poem 1: luckycharms?
you are my rainbow
you were orange when your fire lit my desire
you were blue when i saw you clear as day
you were purple at the times when we were together and i felt your royalty
you were green not like envy because that`s not your style but on days when trying to understand you made me sick
you were red when passion was embarked on your mind and body
you were yellow like caution warning signs that say "I follow my own rules"
you were beautiful as my rainbow
but my pot of gold has run out
you were a magnificent sight to see for that brief time
don`t be afraid to poke your head out again
I may need to see you when it rains.
I know that you were only temporarily mine because I felt that you belonged to someone else.

Poem 2: untitled
while you curve and crawl to find my nooks that keep me hooked
we fight in the most beautiful way
you push, i push back, sometimes pull
moving to a rhythm we both can attune to
symphonic sounds of pleasure and joy occasionally pain
but the good kind you don`t mind feeling the next day.
i laugh, you laugh, we laugh
i force my eyes closed believing in the saying that the best things in life are unseen.
this must be it because if there is anything better I don`t know if I can handle it.
You`re a drug that I don`t mind overdosing on
my promethazine lips that continue to sip
your codeine  
as you pour in that purple stuff that gives me a drag, a lag, the itis.
Once we sleep i watch you find peace
the beauty of your bone structure puts the Greeks to shame
i`m thinking maybe they modeled Adonis after you...

(that`s all i had on that one. maybe i`ll go back and finish it)



jammin` The Time station on Pandora wishin` that Juneteenth would hurry up and get here. 
I`ve spent a good day w/ my twin looking at her beautiful new kitchen lol. Then went to go see mike: always a pick me up. smileyface. i went to the library. got 2 LSAT books. ichi nihongo hon.
my current readings are about as random as my brain. that`s saying alot.  

la pace. l`amore. la felicidad

make love not war.

i hear a fly by my window. but i don`t want to kill it


i will be working on a new piece prob.
sometime soon

i spent the whole day w/ my family.
i love them
they are beautiful in so many ways
we are truth.
we are love.

i learned family history.
like 1860 census kind of history
and yes i`m straight slave.
or so it seems from now
wonder who sold us?
which country i mean.

ended my night w/ crab legs
sweet corn
all on the grill
w/ some cole slaw.

la pace, l`amore, la felicidad



So it all started 2 nights ago with a tweet from @TonyGaskins via @mariep719

"sis, keep your legs closed b4 marriage forces a man to stepup in your life or stepout of your life"

@mariep719 asked me what I thought about this. I told her I kind of agree. Truthfully I didn`t wait and had no qualms about not waiting. But one of my most notable sayings is "sex is like Pringles, once you pop the fun don`t stop" But after a period of time the fun may stop. it becomes just an action or what's next to do in a relationship. You don`t want to be reduced to what's next. This isn`t right it`s not how it`s suppose to be. 

"what you want might make you cry, what you need might pass you by."
xx Lauryn Hill

Not many people can remove their emotions from sex, especially the emotional creatures also known as females. For this reason I agree with Tony Gaskins tweet. Don`t seek for a relationship in sex unless that`s the only point of the relationship. and if that`s all it is it probably won`t last long.

Don`t ever confuse
when he`s into you
and when he enters you
what makes sense to you
and what your senses do
when he bends the truth
and when he`s bending you...

xx Bradley via http://tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com/ << check her out!

Odd that I ran across this when recently my mind state has had me leaning away from sex. I have decided that I will abstain now to indulge later. i want to feel special and stop giving a piece of myself everytime my 'needs' come knocking. Biblically speaking sex=marriage union.. How many people are you married to? Can you keep up with those marriages? Do you want to? 

My advice just be catuious and do what`s best for you. 
Use your brain. guard your heart. find peace

la pace, l`amore, la felicidad


the late night photgraphs

So I ran across some pictures
It`s amazing what a picture can do
They`re definitely worth a thousand words
A thousand smiles
A thousand tears
We were happy
We were flirtatious
We were a monument
We were paparazzi perfect
We were beautiful
We were unpredictable
There were days when I missed that
Took months to get over you
Wishing you would want me the way
I wanted you
The way I needed you
You just had to be friends with my friends
You had to be likable
You had to be charismatic
You had to be
You had to be unforgettable
There were days I couldn`t get you out my sheets
Your scent lingered
Your touch lingered
Your voice lingered
Your taste lingered
Damn that John Legend song
How could you ruin my favorite song?
You were my anti-drug
I was addicted to you
I`ve been sitting here surrounded by blunt leaves
Trying to kill the brain cells of all the memories of you and me
No matter how “high” I could get
John Legend couldn`t erase your memory
Unfortunately he brought it back
Hit me like an 18 wheeler every time I heard the melody
Instead of beautiful sounds
I heard car wrecks and chainsaws
Broken hearts couldn`t be mended
Even if I knew a welder
Cause unfortunately this wasn`t a clean rip
Possibly something a surgeon could handle
I used to smile at the sound of your name
Then I got tired of it so I rearranged it
Now it doesn`t sound so much like mine
But it`s cool now
Nothing`s the same now
And if you were standing right in front of me
I still wouldn`t know who you are.
All of this came to me from a picture
I tried to make it worth a thousand words
But you`re not worth that many to me anymore


i just put in my retainer...
my lil brother ran away ;] 

i think he still loves me...

disney..ooh lala

what you want might make you cry...
what you need might pass you by. 
xx Lauryn Hill
today i`m having a random day... a very random day. 
the kind that needs documentation lol.
wheres my trio when i need them 


my thoughts on Alicia`s Unthinkable video

Okay... maybe it`s just me but I could have sworn Unthinkable was about something completely different. so what`s with the video. The song is not about interracial dating!!! Alicia herself is not fully African-American. which throws the whole video out of context. Don`t get me wrong i definitely like the video concept and even how they showed the changes in eras. Very talented cinematography whoever the director/producer was. But Alicia really?!?! We`re all big kids here we know what the song is about. I was really looking forward to a video that depicted the song. guess not. Did she give a reason for the video? If anyone knows of it let me know I`m very curious.


we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character; and character, hope.

partial journal entry.

a wind current flowed through my veins but luckily the oxygen bubble didn`t pop. it found its way out in the form of a yawn and as my mouth stretched the current exited and my mind stretched taking in all the glories mother nature has to offer. she is definitely the most beautiful and powerful women in the world, maybe she`s a black woman...

talking to a friend.
poem coming soon.

la pace, l`amore, le felicidad


The mating call means It's time for summer... Ohhh the signs of mother nature you have taught me alot.


&& this is who i do it for

heaviest burden.
biggest motivation.
true love at its finest.


i`m not the girl you find in a video.
nor am i trying to be.
i`m actually pretty weird
pretty different
pretty special
pretty loving
pretty real
pretty pessimistic
pretty ambitious
all that being said
i`m pretty.

off to the gym



la pace, l`amore, la felicidad


fragment of a skype convo.

[4/30/2010 10:51:29 PM] Bridget Thrash: hehe ohhhh the joy of people who need to realize 1. their no longer in kansas 2. high school is officially over! 3. messy kids grow up to be messy unhappy normally lonely adults 4. trivial things are exactly that trivial and in a few years won't matter when you realize you wasted a lot of energy that has become negative and is now consuming your soul