phone notes. smileyface

 after having a healing conversation con mi madre. 
i called him.
found random notes on my phone
oh the beauty of my random thoughts.

"time doesn`t heal wounds the mind just covers them with scar tissue" 
--oh the reality in this statement is so amazing. i may come back to that for a post later

Poem 1: luckycharms?
you are my rainbow
you were orange when your fire lit my desire
you were blue when i saw you clear as day
you were purple at the times when we were together and i felt your royalty
you were green not like envy because that`s not your style but on days when trying to understand you made me sick
you were red when passion was embarked on your mind and body
you were yellow like caution warning signs that say "I follow my own rules"
you were beautiful as my rainbow
but my pot of gold has run out
you were a magnificent sight to see for that brief time
don`t be afraid to poke your head out again
I may need to see you when it rains.
I know that you were only temporarily mine because I felt that you belonged to someone else.

Poem 2: untitled
while you curve and crawl to find my nooks that keep me hooked
we fight in the most beautiful way
you push, i push back, sometimes pull
moving to a rhythm we both can attune to
symphonic sounds of pleasure and joy occasionally pain
but the good kind you don`t mind feeling the next day.
i laugh, you laugh, we laugh
i force my eyes closed believing in the saying that the best things in life are unseen.
this must be it because if there is anything better I don`t know if I can handle it.
You`re a drug that I don`t mind overdosing on
my promethazine lips that continue to sip
your codeine  
as you pour in that purple stuff that gives me a drag, a lag, the itis.
Once we sleep i watch you find peace
the beauty of your bone structure puts the Greeks to shame
i`m thinking maybe they modeled Adonis after you...

(that`s all i had on that one. maybe i`ll go back and finish it)


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