the late night photgraphs

So I ran across some pictures
It`s amazing what a picture can do
They`re definitely worth a thousand words
A thousand smiles
A thousand tears
We were happy
We were flirtatious
We were a monument
We were paparazzi perfect
We were beautiful
We were unpredictable
There were days when I missed that
Took months to get over you
Wishing you would want me the way
I wanted you
The way I needed you
You just had to be friends with my friends
You had to be likable
You had to be charismatic
You had to be
You had to be unforgettable
There were days I couldn`t get you out my sheets
Your scent lingered
Your touch lingered
Your voice lingered
Your taste lingered
Damn that John Legend song
How could you ruin my favorite song?
You were my anti-drug
I was addicted to you
I`ve been sitting here surrounded by blunt leaves
Trying to kill the brain cells of all the memories of you and me
No matter how “high” I could get
John Legend couldn`t erase your memory
Unfortunately he brought it back
Hit me like an 18 wheeler every time I heard the melody
Instead of beautiful sounds
I heard car wrecks and chainsaws
Broken hearts couldn`t be mended
Even if I knew a welder
Cause unfortunately this wasn`t a clean rip
Possibly something a surgeon could handle
I used to smile at the sound of your name
Then I got tired of it so I rearranged it
Now it doesn`t sound so much like mine
But it`s cool now
Nothing`s the same now
And if you were standing right in front of me
I still wouldn`t know who you are.
All of this came to me from a picture
I tried to make it worth a thousand words
But you`re not worth that many to me anymore


Mandy Bowman said...

I loveeeee it! "I tried to make it worth a thousand words/ But you`re not worth that many to me anymore" Say that <3

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