So it all started 2 nights ago with a tweet from @TonyGaskins via @mariep719

"sis, keep your legs closed b4 marriage forces a man to stepup in your life or stepout of your life"

@mariep719 asked me what I thought about this. I told her I kind of agree. Truthfully I didn`t wait and had no qualms about not waiting. But one of my most notable sayings is "sex is like Pringles, once you pop the fun don`t stop" But after a period of time the fun may stop. it becomes just an action or what's next to do in a relationship. You don`t want to be reduced to what's next. This isn`t right it`s not how it`s suppose to be. 

"what you want might make you cry, what you need might pass you by."
xx Lauryn Hill

Not many people can remove their emotions from sex, especially the emotional creatures also known as females. For this reason I agree with Tony Gaskins tweet. Don`t seek for a relationship in sex unless that`s the only point of the relationship. and if that`s all it is it probably won`t last long.

Don`t ever confuse
when he`s into you
and when he enters you
what makes sense to you
and what your senses do
when he bends the truth
and when he`s bending you...

xx Bradley via http://tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com/ << check her out!

Odd that I ran across this when recently my mind state has had me leaning away from sex. I have decided that I will abstain now to indulge later. i want to feel special and stop giving a piece of myself everytime my 'needs' come knocking. Biblically speaking sex=marriage union.. How many people are you married to? Can you keep up with those marriages? Do you want to? 

My advice just be catuious and do what`s best for you. 
Use your brain. guard your heart. find peace

la pace, l`amore, la felicidad


Tasha said...

Agreed. I think that there's nothing wrong with having experienced those moments where you gave in just cause. It's part of finding yourself. And if someone figures out that that's what they want then fine. I'm just glad you found out what it is you want. I myself have had my time to figure out thats not what I want either. So I'm with you on this one....

sway poetess said...

love you dear!

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