As people shouldn`t we feel more for the children born into this world of horror
than those that leave to better places.
to lands of tranquility
those that have reached the peace
that we strive for daily.
to the fields so serene
that we can only see in our dreams.

How dare them be selfish and leave us
to suffer in this space of impurity
this interval of infinity
to this abyss of knowledge power and lack thereof
this place of give and take, push and shove

Does it make me selfish if i`m jealous
if i want the same
only for a temporary escape from pain
this exact hard beat
i mean heart beat in my chest to screech
i mean stop, halt, block
or maybe just harden like a rock
to come back for a rebirth
to enter as a plant on the earth
at least with the green push they`re safe
no concerns of a strafe
whether guns or words
i feel like this world leaves us all slurred.

I am glad you are gone
but i want you to come back at dawn.
we had so many unspoken conversations
a few unexperienced sensations.
they say sleep is the cousin of death
so today i will honor you and your last breath
by staying awake as a memorial
as i pray for my tutorial
on how to cope with your absence...


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