thoughts of the day.

"I was angry with you until it occurred to me that you might die."
William Ball

Personal story:

my brother is now incarcerated. it had been a while since i spoke with him and these recent weeks. i have had family members pass away and my anger towards my brother is minimal in the grand scheme of things. i think its weird how it takes something tragic to get some people to hit realization. i will admit that i have been one of those people before. 

when my brother called me i didn't answer thinking why did it take you so long to check up on your friggin` little sister. then a week later i receive a text message disclosing that he may potentially be going to jail. :( talk about debby downer. i was nobody's friend for a while. enjoying my own little bubble and now i wish i could have just answered the phone that day. not like it would have made that big of a deal. 

i`m less than a month from returning HOME and he won`t be there for me to say. distraught can`t even describe how i feel. but it has motivated me in multiple ways. 

1. the Justice system is flawed. but i love it. I am now more motivated to get to my goal of law school then I have been since I first made the decision of becoming a supreme court justice years ago. 
2.  life is not promised. so carpe diem! but don`t be stupid about it. tell those you love that they are appreciated before the opportunity to do so is taken away.  

3. freedom is not free. 


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