Today I stepped foot in the walls of a church for the first time this year.
I had to say it was phenomenal. Nothing against Northern churches but there is something about a Southern church to just make my soul feel better.

Mt.Nebo, which is my first church, had their first Youth Wednesday Service tonight. Praise dances combined with the choir made me feel great.

The pastor's sermon topic was: "Age ain`t nothing but a number" He used the scripture 1 Timothy 4:12 "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."

Our age does not define when or how we can praise God. Just like there are little and big caskets, there are little and big people who are blessed. According to the bible our maturity is reflected in 3 different ways: Your word, your conversation, and pure motives (charity, spirit, faith, and purity).

As older people say 'Your word is your bond.' People judge you on your promises. If you make promises that you can`t keep you are immature. Those who are trustworthy are valued the most important in your life, they are also the people you go to for advice. Think about it.

As for conversation, your talk is your walk. What you do on the regular, your actions are how others will percieve you. When the pastor asked the youth how they think their maturity is reflected I answered, "your actions." I feel like from the scripture my answer fit conversation the most. If I was to judge someone on their maturity I would base it on what they say and do. Don`t you feel the same.

Pure motives: those who show charity and give back are blessed. It takes a level of maturity to give to others especially if you don`t have much to give. Spirit, faith, and purity are all obvious. Check out the scripture for yourself and see.

Now there is no excuse to do the right thing or praise God. This Aaliyah song can be applied to many different situations and circumstances but I must say that this is by far my favorite


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