craving the itis.

So yesterday I was asked through formspring what my perfect guy was.
Q: Describe the perfect guy for you.

A: one who: fears God. is confident about himself. knows what he wants. attractive in my eyes. has depth and can stimulate me mentally. physically and emotionally

^^ direct quote.

My friend told me "I went in" on what I wanted. But hey they asked me for my perfect guy. Many can spike my interest but how many can hold it.

This formspring thing got me thinking and i have raised my standards. Not doing it to be vain but no reason to waste time. life is short.

Truth be told i want someone that can give me the ITIS. Not your typical black people i`m full itis- let me go take a nap.

But the ITIS that Jesse Boykins III sings about.
side note: i`m so happy he has a video now. check it out



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