So i`m in a big India.arie mood. I was listening to her first single "Video" and thought i`d put this poem up.

No matter what you say I am a goddess
If you ask me why
I will tell you
It’s because I am black
I need no other reason
Society tells me day in and day out that I am not good enough to fit this mold that they so willingly want me to bear on my skin
but you see my skin contains this thing called melanin
It causes my skin to be brown
Similar to your tanning beds, fake bakes, spray-ons and your bronzers
Except mine is natural
Except I’m not accepted
Psht you want to be me.
you can continuously tell me how I don’t fit in your world
But actions speak louder than words
And right now your botox is talking louder than your fully fake injected lips,
your silicon breasts are screaming to break out of the skin
that you have oh so filled them in.
those luscious thighs and asses that my ancestors were graced by God with our mocked on your body to give you the look of what?
A black woman.
Don’t get me wrong
I think ALL races of women are beautiful
But I think that Black women are the most beautiful and exquisite women in the world.
We come in all different shades and flavors.
From dark chocolate to sweet almond, to caramel, toffee, butterscotch and even vanilla bean.
You see we all carry this dream
It is our inner beauty that remains supreme
Because we are raised to be strong
Centuries of birthing kings and queens
To being raped and having your kids kidnapped
Sold to be mentally and physically shackled in a place you can’t help them.
Breastfeeding others children only to be disrespected
Do you know how much restraint a black woman has had to have?
These goddesses have endured more than you will ever know
Elegance, determination, power and love all represent who I am
And those who came before me
Don’t get me wrong there are exceptions to the rule
Some women were not raised up to know how much inner beauty counts.
Black women wake up and realize that you are a queen
A Goddess of all goddesses and nothing less.

I am Merina, leader of the Amazons.
I am peaceful and triumphant.
I am Oshun, the sweeter things in life.
I am honey and oranges, cool spring water and trilling birdsong.
I am Isis, devout to my man.
I will stand by him through thick and thin, to support my king.
I am Sekhmet, nurturing and fierce.
I am ruthless as a lion but gentle as a butterfly, something like a dragonfly.
I am Hathor, the mother Goddess.
I can cultivate in my womb a marvel of the universe, a child.
I will live up to my name
I am a Goddess
No matter what you say.

©2009 Bridget Thrash

la pace, l'amore, e la felicita

<3 bridge.


Lynn said...

I love this artist. She is sooooo good.

My best, Lynn

sway poetess said...

very true.

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