No I didn`t cut my hair to feel liberated!

I do not believe that the "creamy crack" is a symbol of the white man holding me down and telling me what beauty is. i disagree. I am old enough to make my own decisions and last night I made the decision to chop it all off. I have nothing against the women that feel that relaxers oppress them, that is your choice. I personally made the decision to do not only what is best for my hair but also what is best for me. You see I want to know the natural me, the real me and I haven`t even known my real texture in a long time due to relaxers. Now is the time for my next affair and I plan on this being a long lasting prosperous one. So for those who have asked how long this is going to last, don`t hold your breath.

But this was not a spur of the moment chop. I transitioned by having the mohawk first I knew that I was on the way to au naturale. Last night I chopped the rest off. I will put up pics later.

Funny thing is I am not my hair just came on Pandora... ;]

la pace, l'amore, la felicdad
<3 BRiDGE.


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