Ever met someone that made you think about how you want to better yourself.
You look at their life and know they’re not perfect but you applaud the path that they are traveling regardless. Because their strength, intelligence, and passion combine to surpass their peers.
Mind so interesting that you wanna pick it apart delicately admiring the crevices and sections as a kid does to a daisy in their ‘he loves me-he loves me not’ games.
You want to know what they are thinking. What makes them tick?
A wise person once told me, “Men cry in the dark.” That was one of the greatest sentences I was ever told. Not because I was on some feminist-heckyes-menDOcry stuff, but because there is a reason why men cry in the dark. Why does that person cry in the dark? Better yet, what does he think of when he closes his eyes? Ok I let it slip it’s a guy. Not like that was a surprise. But all of this I want to know. I want to know so much about him that I almost forget myself. Of course I won’t because my last situation taught me better than that. I want to make so much time for this person that I`ll sacrifice my sleep, since sleep is the cousin of death. So, I`ll day dream all of my thoughts to prevent the nightmare of dying without this person around. No don’t mistake this for some I`m secretly in love letter because it’s nowhere near that. But I`ve realized that I enjoy this person around. I want them around even when our opinions don’t add up for that is when I learn the most. Interactions so genuine it’s almost eerie attraction is undeniable. Well you see I`ve met this person. So now what to do?

didn`t write this for myself. but i felt like someone may have needed to hear it.

la pace, l`amore, la felicita


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