my M.O.P.S/ cliche

Today one of my friends status on FB was:

"If someone told you they'd only break your heart would you still take the chance?"

-- what would you do?

My response was I probably would...

someone gave the answer it`s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. i Hate cliches!!!


You want to give me advice
gimme something real life.
Don’t tell me to follow my heart
This is no Disney movie.
Gimme a dose of reality
It’s not always meant to be
He may NOT be the “one” for me
Free me from the chains of
This cliché monogamy of a soul mate
The infatuation that we have with fairy tale love
“Just know that no man is worth your tears,
And the one who is will never make you cry.”
Who said that?
Who are you to tell me how I feel for him?
Who are you to judge?
What if I believe he is worth my tears…
Then where do I fit in our society?

The one that is obsessed with movie’s reality
The one void of sensuality
I don’t want this to judge my morality
I believe these ideas are full of abnormality
They include all congeniality, commonality and formality
Yet, they exclude legality, vitality, mentalities and all practicality.
The script for Beauty and the Beast and the Notebook
Doesn’t work for everyone.

“better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved at all”
Love is the most confusing, good and bad emotion to experience
It turns out different for everyone
But yet we are still grouping one another
Setting relationship sterotypes
Filling people’s head with lies
I am putting in my resignation
No more clichés
I decline the false advertisement


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