Today I was wearing my Elitaste x NUE Agency shirt from CMJ Showcase in October.

if you don`t know about it look it up. I went for my birthday this past year. I loved it.
But this post is not about the show it's specifically about Jesse Boykins III.

Now I first heard this fine piece of male Godiva on a Theophilus London track pre-show. Due to the fact that it was just the chorus I never really knew his full potential. After seeing him live, I decided to come and of course load my computer and Zune with all of the aritsts from the show. I have since fell in love I already have an affair with music but this brotha put some new moves and spins that had me tunneling back down the path of amor... or Amorous as one of his tracks is titled.

This song is something else. But, my ultimate favorite that heightened my appreciation for artists who write their own works. poet>words>lyrics> get it! well that song is called Pantyhose... now you know for a fact that any man singing about pantyhose has wrote his own song. And if the title doesn`t make you a believer check out the video below... I totally envy the young lady who got called on stage. He better do this next time I see him, cause I will be front row center, well maybe side so I can walk up easier :) You read that Jesse remember me, lol. He`s definitely not reading this but worth a dream. Check out the video. and definitely give props where they belong to the band The Beauty Created. Amazing especially that trumpet player almost makes me wanna leave my sexiest instrument ever, the saxophone... almost

la pace, l`amore, la felicidad 

<3 Bridge.


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